Race Day #1 – SBCRR 2016 Results

It was a great first race day for the FMBR team in 2016, with Brandon and Sandy taking wins (5a & 35+ 4/5 fields respectively) in the first two races of the day!



Owen followed that up with a win in the 60+ w/ Quentin & Mark taking 4th & 9th in the 55+ field.


Then Jeffrey took 3rd in the 3s race thanks to super strong teammates: Jason, Nate & Bobby!


Brandon finished off the day with a strong sprint getting nipped at the line – his last race as a 5 is tomorrow at 8a!


Great job to everyone who came out to race or support! We’ll see you at Research Park tomorrow! Full FMBR results below:

5a: Brandon Baker – 1st

35+ 4/5: Sandy Sweetland – 1st, Aaron Anaya – 17th

4s: Jessica Baum – 11th

60+: Owen Thomas – 1st

55+: Ouentin Sims – 4th, Mark Fennell – 9th

3s: Jeffrey Stern – 3rd, Jason Hannon – 12th, Nate Greenwood – 30th, Bobby Lozoya – 43rd

5b: Brandon Baker – 2nd

4s: David Silverander – 20th, Jacob Alderete – 30th

P/1/2: Kirk Nordgren – 27th, David Priest 32nd, Jason Smith dnf, John Echeveste dnf, Cody O’Reilly dnf

P/1/2/3: Julia Gieschen – 8th



This is Fig Mtn Brew Racing

That’s it, you’ve met them all. We are a dynamic team of climbers, sprinters, endurance MTB junkies, TT animals, ‘cross crushers and more. We come from many different places: One Way, UCSB, Platinum & Stinner teams, but we have one thing in common – a passion for cycling. Some of us are young amateurs moving up through the ranks, while others are former or current pros in various disciplines. We all love competing, thriving off teamwork, fighting for a common goal (the top step) and enjoying good times with friends and competitors alike.

You now all know your Fig Fam. This is your 2016 Fig Mtn Brew Racing Team – we are #FigFast, we are Fig Mtn.

Let’s get our race on!

Nate the Great

“Racing by yourself sucks,” Nathan Greenwood says and we at FMBR couldn’t agree more. We’d add that drinking great beer is not as enjoyable by yourself either. Nate is looking forward to both drinking awesome beer and racing with tons of FMBR teammates this season.

Screen Shot 2016-01-26 at 12.50.31 PM

Wise words from a man who knows what it’s like to be on the top step of the podium whether it be a XC mountain bike race or a curvy criterium. Nate packs a powerful kick at the finish of races and enjoys technical parcours.

Look for Nate racing this weekend at SBCRR and the Soto Memorial Criterium!

Follow him throughout the season on Strava & Instagram.

This is Bobby

Robert ‘Bobby’ Lozoya originally started on the dark side (running, then triathlons), but a bum knee unwilling to take the impacts of consistent pavement pounding brought him into cycling full time in 2011 with UCSB Cycling and he hasn’t looked back since.

Screen Shot 2016-01-25 at 9.35.58 AM

A software test engineer for the local tech giant RightScale keeps him busy during the day, but dreams of winning the Copperopolis Road Race occupy his thoughts during his training hours. He is also looking forward to making the journey to tackle the Gila Monster this year in New Mexico!

Follow his exploits on Strava/Instagram and look for him starting at this weekend’s local races – SBCRR & Carlos Soto Memorial Criterium!

Welcome Cheezy!

John ‘Cheezy’ Echeveste has raced 100+ times in the SCNCA/NCNCA districts since 2008 – chances are, if you want some intel on a race, he’ll have done it and be able to offer guidance. We’re lucky to have such an experienced, well respected and dynamic teammate on FMBR this season.

Screen Shot 2016-01-24 at 4.36.56 PM
                        Cheezy taking the win at Copperopolis in 2014. Photo by Alex Chiu.

By day, Cheezy is the Architect & Manager of Desktop Services & User Support at UCSB – Life Sciences Computing Group. You can find him on the Tuesday Hammerfest ride out of Goleta as well as the Thursday OSM nooner group. When not cycling, the man loves his beerBarley (dog) & his girlfriend Caroline (not in that order, of course).

Follow his exploits on Strava/Instagram/Twitter and look for him to put the pressure on this season during the local elite races!

Introducing ☼wen

Soft with his words, Owen Thomas does his talking (aka pain inflicting) aboard his Colnago EP. All weekend long he was hanging with the big guns on the elite team during camp; whether it was on the climbs, flats or descents he was crushing, floating and dissecting every bit of road beneath him.

Screen Shot 2016-01-24 at 2.00.16 PM

Owen is coming into the season super fit likely because he’s a stalwart on the Thursday OSM ride. He hopes to take this early season fitness to his master cohorts and crush fields around the state in the hillier classics like Mt. Hamilton & Pine Flat. We’re stoked to have him on the FMBR team and excited to support his successful 2016 racing campaign!

Find him in the mountains around Santa Barbara and follow his riding exploits on Strava.

Meet Jason “The Hammer” Hannon

Besides being a Masters category competitive cyclist, Jason is also a father of two boys (young men now), a husband, and works as an electronics engineer in Goleta. You will often find him out on the lunch time group rides around Goleta during the week, or doing his weekly Fig Mountain loop practically every Friday morning.

Follow Jason on Strava and look for him at SBCRR on Saturday 1/30!