TJ’s Injury Update

TJ Myers is looking up! We spoke to him this afternoon for our first update on his broken wrist in a couple weeks, “My cast just came off and the wrist feels really good right now. It’s a little weak, so it will probably be a couple more PT weeks inside on the rollers until I have the strength to be back on the road. I just upgraded from a trainer to rollers in order to ease back into having both of my hands active on the bars.”


Screen Shot 2016-02-11 at 1.16.20 PM


In the mean time, TJ has been seen running around the streets of Goleta with his daughters chasing after him on their bikes! We are stoked he is making progress and look forward to his return to FMBR – we know he’ll be #FigFast!

Stay tuned for more updates on his return in the coming weeks.