D. Priest, D. Sportief

The final FMBR team member introduction is for the man who made this whole thing come together – David Priest. He’s been instrumental in lining up all the sponsorships with DNA, SYVCC, Dr. J’s, Specialized, Stages, Pacific Valley Woodsmith, CTS, Brian O’Connor and of course our title sponsor Figueroa Mountain Brewing Co. David also helped design our amazing looking kits!

Screen Shot 2016-01-29 at 6.55.20 PM

We expect to see many P 1/2 podiums from “Priest the Beast” who once called a college football defensive line position his passion at Columbia University in New York. An exceptional time trialist, David boasts a finishing kick that can break most bicycles. He also climbs like someone from the welterweight class.

Follow him on StravaInstagram &Twitter to keep up to date with his season – many thanks to all he has done and will continue to do throughout the year for our fantastic new, Santa Barbara County based Fig Mtn Brew Racing! 




Introducing Mr. Stern

A lifelong athlete and outdoor enthusiast, Jeffrey Stern traded in the baseball glove of his youth for the stylish FMBR kit. Watch him ride, though, and you’d be sure he grew up racing bikes. Indeed, give the man anything with two wheels and pedals and he will be gone faster than you can say peloton.


Jeff loves the thrill and challenge of racing on any surface, making him a renaissance man who’s a threat in mountain bike, cyclocross and road races. This season, Jeff’s focus will be on road racing and making his way into the 2s, where he is excited for the opportunity to compete with the best. Jeff is the co-captain of our 3s team and also manages social media for FMBR. (Editor’s Note: Written by David.)

Meet David Silverander

A strong runner and an athlete with unlimited endurance, David’s primary focus has been on epic, adventure rides over the past few years. This year, he is dialing in his training for success during the early season road racing calendar and upgrading soon.


Serving as the captain for the cat 4 squad to start the season, he brings race experience and a huge engine. He is calculated, strong and wise – a perfect leader for the Young Guns to learn from during the season.

He posts images from his adventures on Instagram, documents his training on Strava and banters with political pundits on Twitter – check out his blog for more stories from his racing/adventures too!

Q. Sims is Gunning for Gold

Qunetin “Doug” Sims flat out knows how to race. Last year, he took 7th at Master’s Road Nationals in Ogden, UT (55+), just off the lead group. This year he is aiming for the podium and beyond!

Screen Shot 2016-01-28 at 3.53.47 PM

Based on his consistent results and high level of fitness coming into the season we know he can achieve this goal. One look at “Q” and you’d think he could be racing in the P/1/2 fields – in fact, he is strong enough to if he’d like. We’re stoked to have him on the team and hope to help him bring home the stars and stripes come the end of May in Winston-Salem for FMBR!

Follow him on Instagram – where his love for beer, family and cycling is on display!

Our National Champion

Cody O’Reilly has racing in his blood – his father Rory was an Olympian in the ’84 LA Olympics, placing 8th at the Carson Velodrome in the 1k TT. Cody himself counts over 30 wins to his name since his days as a junior, five of those being National Championships on the track.


He has ridden on the continental pro road circuit for Kodak, Bissell & Optum Pro Cycling teams as recently as 2012. He brings a wealth of knowledge in all areas to the FMBR team this season. Everything from race tactics, training techniques and pure experience in the saddle when the adrenaline is pumping – Cody will be an immeasurable asset to the team. We are thrilled to have him in the Green & Black for 2016!

Follow him online: Strava/Instagram/Twitter to stay up to date on his racing and life in Santa Barbara.

Welcome Ryan to FMBR!

Ryan Allen resides in Santa Maria and is another one of our dynamic, heavy hitters on the 3s squad. Equally as comfortable in a pancake flat crit as a rolling circuit race, Ryan is a proven race contender. He puts out big watts and likes to keep the pace uncomfortable for his competitors.

Screen Shot 2016-01-28 at 10.07.45 AM

Ryan “Smiley” Allen

Over the past three seasons he has 10 top 5 finishes in crits, road races, circuits & TTs. Needless to say, we are excited to have him flying the FMBR flag this season! Find him at the Carlos Soto Memorial Criterium this Sunday and follow him on Strava during the season.

Introducing Kelsey Judd

Although he has a smaller build than some of his Elite team counterparts, Kelsey packs a powerful sprint and specializes in using his race logic to sniff out criterium podiums. With 10 over the past 3 seasons he is a seasoned SoCal Crit veteran that adds horsepower to the squad.

Screen Shot 2016-01-27 at 6.31.02 PM

He is currently taking a break from his Systems Engineer Team Lead position at Raytheon to pursue his Master’s in Technology Management from UCSB. Look for him stringing out the field starting this Sunday at the local Carlos Soto Memorial Criterium!

Keep up to date with him socially on Instagram & Twitter. Welcome to the team Kelsey!

Insta Teej

Thomas Myers is a relative new comer to the racing scene, but he has progressed through the ranks at steadily rapid rate. He finished off last year with his first 3s race, or rather the Mt. Whitney Stage Race in the P/1/2/3 field – standing on the podium. 

Screen Shot 2016-01-27 at 11.27.50 AM

The man knows how to climb and has dialed in race tactics over the last year. He may be currently sidelined with a wrist injury, but we expect to see him back thrashing competitors legs on the climbs as soon as UCLA Road Race.

We couldn’t be more stoked to call Tj a FMBR teammate!

Follow him on Strava/Instagram & check out his local business, TJ Myers Electric.

Meet Jason Number 2

In college Jason Smith played football, ran track & field, cross-country and raced bikes. Post college found him pursuing triathlons more seriously, eventually gaining professional status in the sport.

Screen Shot 2016-01-26 at 8.31.12 PM

FMBR is excited to have his experience and power back in the cycling scene this season. He is one of three cat 1 riders on the elite roster and is ready to help the team reach its goals anyway he can. Find him in TT mode (naturally) off the front of any local group ride and a race starting this weekend in Sisquoc! He also runs his own endurance coaching and sports performance conditioning business, so reach out to him with any needs you may have.

Follow him on Strava, Instagram & Twitter during the 2016 race season.