Meet Marco Fennelli…

Mark has been racing for nearly as many years as some of our younger teammates…have been alive. So, he’s got countless race tactics and training wisdom that we should all tap into whenever possible this season. Back in his junior days he used to line up with legends like Greg LeMond, Wayne Stetina and another one of our teammates father’s, Rory O’Reilly.


In his own words, “I’ve been racing bikes off and on for most of my life, starting as a Junior in the late 1970s, continuing as an Elite in the ‘80s and ‘90s, and then as a Masters rider up until “retiring” a few years ago to pursue competitive running. I don’t know how many races I’ve done, but it must be near 400. Of those, I won 21 times. I enjoy stage races, road races with challenging climbs, and technical crits. I’m looking forward to racing again in 2016 with a team of enthusiastic and motivated riders.”

Welcome to the team Mark, we’re stoked to have you!

His online USAC results are deceptive. Follow him on Strava, Instagram (@marktfennell) and check out his blog – he’s a great writer and has some awesome stories.

This kicks off our daily introductions leading up to and through our team camp this weekend – covering everyone in time for the season opener SBCRR. Check back tomorrow for the next profile or subscribe to the Fig Mtn Brew Racing blog below.


Injury Update

Our teammate, TJ Myers, unfortunately broke his wrist earlier this week.

Screen Shot 2016-01-02 at 9.23.49 PM

Your KOMs should be safe for 4-6 weeks, but he’ll be on the trainer to keep his fitness with plans to hit the UCLA RR real hard. Heal up soon TJ!

New Sponsor – CTS


We are lucky to have two excellent CTS coaches in Julia Gieschen and Kirk Nordgren, who also serves as the Santa Ynez GM, as team members on FMBR – CTS is an amazing team sponsor offering a wide range of coaching and testing services to get you race ready!